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Anéanti – Poison: Les Formules Diaboliques [EP]

anéanti – poison: les formules diaboliques [ep]


Formed in Brussels, Belgium in 2020, the Black Metal duo of Anéanti consists of Grafdelver on drums and backing vocals and Woudmeester on vocals, guitars and bass. Their first release comes in the shape of the EP ‘Poison: Les Formules Diaboliques’, which saw a release digitally and on cassette in early 2023.

The band, whose members’ previous experience in other musical entities is unknown, presents their vision on Black Metal In the shape of four tracks that together make up for 23 minutes of music. This manifests itself as Black Metal that is quite reminiscent of the old school Norwegian movement, although there is much more to their music than just a heavy ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ influence. Opener ‘Repulsive Papal Corpse’ may feature the same type of riffs, drumming approach and rich bass sound of Mayhem’s masterpiece, but Anéanti throws in a little bit of their own in the shape of a quite effective and melodic solo. There’s also a fair amount of old school groove in the songs, most apparent in the opening moments of ‘L’Aphrodisiaque Macabre’ but this is a consistently recurring feature throughout the EP. The same feeling for short melodic solos also returns in this track, as well as a slightly dissonant break that together further enrich the sound of the band far above the label of a simple clone of old school Scandinavian Black Metal. The same applies to ‘Le Vol des Sorcières’, an altogether more atmospheric and melancholic lower paced track that shows the band’s understanding of interesting songwriting. ‘Aqua Tofana’ closes the EP in style, with a more rocking and Swedish touch to it until an excellent solo ultimately leads to a moody ambient ending. For the production the band has opted for a rather raw guitar sound, clear bass rumbling and a natural sounding drum, which together with the growling hoarse vocals come across as not too polished but balanced extremely well.

The Belgian Black Metal scene has been on fire in the last years, and newcomers like Anéanti show the pool of talented Black Metal bands in the country is far from exhausted. ‘Poison: Les Formules Diaboliques’ is an excellent debut EP, with a strong flair of the old school Norwegian sound but enough twists to stand on its own. These are the sort of releases that I would love to see on 10” EP format.


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