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Revenant Marquis – Milk Teeth

revenant marquis – milk teeth


Time to delve back into Revenant Marquis’ bleak soundscapes and incredibly challenging breed of Raw Black Metal. I have to say that since my review of 2019’s Polterngeyst, my interest in the band has increased considerably and I’ve been enjoying this deep dive into the rest of the catalogue.

In an objective outlook, Milk Teeth keeps up with the tradition established by its predecessors, with very disturbing and echoing vocals that sound very distant in the mix, drums that are more like thuds on old wooden floors and guitars that are more akin to a cutting and cruel wind.

Talking in terms of execution, the songs are well put together and convey well the dense phantasmagorical atmosphere that is so characteristic of Revenant Marquis’ music so far. However, I’m forced to criticize production work (or lack thereof) on Milk Teeth.

Despite all of the past releases having a somewhat muddy or raspy sound, In Milk Teeth it, unfortunately, sounds a bit sloppy. It’s like the volume of the guitars and mainly the bass were cranked way up in the mix, and there are several very distracting and irritating audio clipping moments throughout the duration of the album.

This was a serious deal breaker for me, because the hyper distorted audio clipping detracts so much from the more organic sound of the past and it does absolutely nothing for the music. Actually, it takes away so much from the songs in negative ways that it makes it very difficult to sit through the whole album.

What really disappointed me is the fact that Milk Teeth has some great songs in it, and they all preserve that sinister feeling that fans of the band are already familiar with and look forward to.

Let me finish by saying that this wasn’t a review that I enjoyed writing, because since my introduction to the band’s discography, Revenant Marquis has become one of my favorite new discoveries.

I really hope that in the next outings the same mistakes won’t be present and more attention is given to details like this. I’d even go so far and say that Milk Teeth would be an amazing album if it was remastered and got a proper production.