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Symbtomy – Demo #1 [Demo]

symbtomy – demo #1 [demo]

Although the United Kingdom has been mentioned as origin as well, all three members are from Czechia and two of them are in Sectesy, an Old School Death Metal band or better yet, Zombeer Death Metal as they call it themselves, and Symbtomy are in the same vein when it comes to influences.

You can’t spell Old School Swedish Death Metal without the B, the U, a double  Z, the S, the A and the W. But once again, not a simple copycat. Of course you will hear the glory days of Swedish Death Metal back in the music of Symbtomy, the grooves…the riffs…yet they aren’t afraid to pick influences from an album like Amorphis’ “Tales from the Thousand Lakes” as well, which can be hear on “The Taste of Human Throphy”.

The leads are different on this demo than on the common Swedish Death Metal album as they are ore melancholic on one hand, a bit like old UK doom scene meets Gorement meets the aforementioned Amorphis album, but also very Floridian US Death Metal-like at other times. Quite cool actually. With Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath), Johan Jansson (Interment) and Ralf Hauber (Revel in Flesh) as guest musicians you will have variation in the vocals besides the violence called OSSwedishDM.

I can only say this one cool demo based on Swedish Death Metal but with quite a lot of variation due the influences from outside the Swedish Death Metal scene. (Ricardo)