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Dead Carnage – From Hell for Hate

dead carnage – from hell for hate

Dead Carnage are a pretty young band (founded 2013) full of veterans (Antigod, Disfigured Corpse). The Czech band released an EP in 2015 and a split in 2016 prior to the debut album “Flesh, Blood, Orgy” in 2017. Immortal Souls Productions took care of album number 2 with the title “From Hell For Hate”.

Cianide meets Master? Those 2 bands immediately came to mind while listening to “From Hell For Hate”. In details: Groovy, catchy Death Metal with hooks, heavy as fuck with nice tempo changes into up tempo skank beats with bangable riffs and deep throaty vocals.

Songs like “God’s Lobotomy”, “From Dust” or “The First Kill…,The Last Kill…” are perfect Death Metal tunes and should please old schoolers immediately. I mean, just listen to “God’s Lobotomy” (great title), this track is fucking aggressive from start to finish. Heayy brutal riffs and drumming, sinister melodies, through cutting vocals, inflicting pain and misery! Occasional you will find some Dismember-like melodies as well which fits the overall sound and gives another note to the brutal sound.

It’s great to see another record without blasting all the way and being brutal and heavy as fuck! Dead Carnage succeeded here and even wrote some songs with hit potential. Killer record! (DPF)