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Last Decline – Escape

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Suicide, Depression and Death in general. It seems to be main subjects of 2 cheerful individuals from Riga, Latvia, who have adapted the pseudonyms Vomh and Todessucht. Cheerful I say. After 2 demos (“Vita Somnium Breve Est” (2007) and “Thinking on the Bones of Life” (2014)) “Escape” is the debut full length of Last Decline, a debut where mid-tempo and melancholic Black Metal prevails. But it doesn’t go towards the “Depressive” tag at all. This album has hints of atmospheric, raw and just “plain” Black Metal, but as said, mostly mid-tempo with an occasionally up tempo track or passage (for example “Spiritual Clarification”, which is more in the vein of the Unlord debut “Schwarzwald”). When Last Decline plays their Black Metal at midtempo, the “atmospheric” vibe is there. The bass is quite “there”..right at the surface, if you know what I mean. It’s a love or hate thing, especially as the bass lines are more simple and monotonous than the riffs. And yes, I’m aware that’s usually the case when the bass is the subject, but on Sear Bliss’ “Phantoms”, to name an example, it just fits better. The screams of Todessucht are bit different than the usual screams, more in the vein of Kriegtalith (ex-Darkestrah), which is a good thing if you ask me. In the end, I can only conclude “Escape” is without doubt a nice listen but I do think it will drown in the pool of many (atmospheric) Black Metal releases, just because it’s nothing more than a nice listen. (Ricardo)