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Nebula Orionis – Starthrone

nebula orionis – starthrone

A few weeks ago I reviewed the “Soulshard” EP from this band, or project since its only one guy, and now it’s time for his new EP “Starthrone” which is his 10th release allready since 2013 so it is easy to say he’s quite productive.

In the aformentioned review I stated that the music of Nebula Oriosis doesn’t have much in common with what most people would specify as Black Metal and that has not changed with this new release. “Starthrone” has more atmospheric choirs, synths and piano melodies accompanied by metal guitars. Even the Black Metal-ish vocals are missing on this EP and instead of those we get some sporadic spoken word samples. This is music that’s pretty easy on the ears and good stuff to dream away with while doing some stargazing…or gazing at something completely else would do just fine. Songtitles like “Terraforming”, “Landing” and “Starthrone” should give you a good idea what kind of atmosphere to expect.

Like with the the last EP, this one contains 4 tracks that are all pretty good and a dreamy outro. The production sounds very well and clean which fits the music perfectly. If you’re into spacey, cosmic atmospheric stuf you can’t go wrong with this EP…Just don’t expect anything raw or dark. (MartijnK)