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WitcheR – Lélekharang

witcher – lélekharang


Roland Neubauer and Karola Gere are a Hungarian duo who go by the name of WitcheR. Full disclosure, this is my first experience of Witcher, but my oh my what a lasting impression this duo leaves. ‘Lélekharang’ is the astoundingly melodic third studio opus from WitcheR who have been active for more than a decade, and has been released on all formats via both Filosofem Records and Beverina Productions.

‘Lélekharang’ feels like a classical score transformed into a highly Atmospheric Black Metal piece. (Something that will most definitely come into play later) So richly melodic is this album that it transcends Black Metal, and could easily be enjoyed by someone who has never even experienced the genre before. That isn’t to say that Black Metal fans won’t appreciate this opus, and ‘Lélekharang’ is ablaze with bleak, engaging guitar leads, muffled drum tones and agonized, growled vocal work.

All of the vocal, guitar, bass and drum work is handled by Roland Neubauer, whose multi-talents no know bounds. His contribution to this magnificent album is keep it grounded firmly within the realms of slow, intense Black Metal and he succeeds sublimely. Keyboard player Karola Gere on the other hand has free reign to be as expansive and creative as her heart desires and the results are mind blowing. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more inventive, flowing and mind expanding Atmospheric Black Metal experience anywhere in the world.

You’ll remember my reference to a classical score earlier. ‘Lélekharang’ leaves us with an unbelievably haunting and perfectly rendered cover of Ludvig von Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’. (Op 27, No. 2) A perfect ending to a perfect album, one wrapped in sublime harmonics, harsh guitar tones and topped off by stunning artwork. Bravo to the pair of you, and encore! (Marksson)


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