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Grabnebelfürsten – Von Schemen und Trugbildern

grabnebelfürsten – von schemen und trugbildern


From the shipment that we received from Ketzer there are two bands that really promise a lot to the black metal scene; one is Realm of Carnivore and this Grabnebelfürsten is the other one; a coincidence that both bands have hardly (or in Grabnebelfürsten’s case none) any English language?

The album starts with a nice mysterious intro that could have been in the Tolkien-movie Lord of The Rings. Be aware; cause the first song goes seamless into the second song, a trick that they repeat on the seventh and eighth track… Don’t think that these songs are all alike, but the changes of riffs and tempo in these bands’ songs are that well taken care of and performed in such a wonderful way. Each song is composed of various parts, fast, ferocious and slow/mid tempo parts.

Without being a copy, I can warmly advise this band to those who like the early Cradle of Filth (in the times of The Principle of Evil Made Flesh); a singer that sings with various voices (screaming, grunting and sometimes sounding like Maniac at Grand Declaration of War, the use of keyboards and ferocious double bass drums. And yes, despite that I hear some influences of thrash and doom metal, these guys are definitely Black Metal. Perhaps this is the album Mayhem should have made in stead of Grand Declaration according to their criticasters who believe they abandoned the black scene.

Another thing that I like is that sometimes (because of the singer and some of the vocal parts) they have a typical german sound (and it is not just due to the german language!) that I would almost speak of Brechtian Black Metal. Take for instance the fourth track (Sehnsucht, and hell no, not by Rammstein); it could have been the apocalyptic Berlin cabaret of Germany in the era between the two wars (the second part; first part is a bit of piano and opera-like voice). This is not a metal song, but it adds to the special atmosphere on this album. The songs of this band can be characterized as long, very variable and, without being a copy of any band, a very trusty sound. Notice the Beach Boy alike riff in the seventh song which goes merciless into a black metal riff. This is definitely an album that needs to be listened to with earphones on or something, so that you can hear all the riffs and bridges in their songs. I believe that only the drummer could play with a bit more variety; although his fast parts are good and in support of the songs/music. Personal favorites; at the moment the second and fifth song, but that is liable to change: a truly great album!!! (Neithan)