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Graveyard Ghoul / Cryptic Brood – The Graveyard Brood [Split]

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An underground split of 2 underground Old School Death Metal bands from Germany, released by Final Gate Records who also is responsible for the fine 7” split of Funeral Whore and Obscure Infinity. And once again, I would like to highlight the outstanding cover made by Mark Riddick. Really admire his work! Graveyard Ghoul released their second full-length last year which I reviewed as “early 1990s US Death Metal vein (Autopsy, Death) and they aren’t afraid to get close to the same sound of those days”. On this split the rulers of all cemeteries ditched the Death part and embraced the coffin robbers of Autopsy a bit more. The drums are pounding, the doomy passages are haunting, the vocals are rotten…one of these tracks could easily be the anthem of the Undertaker-games. Cryptic Brood is a bit heavier, or better yet horrifying, than Graveyard Ghoul due the lower grunt but also because it has more Doom/Death influences. Sure, Cryptic Brood has listened to Autopsy more than once, but they have a soft spot for Asphyx as well. A track like “Basement Funeral” is nice example of the Doom/Death blend. This is without doubt a more than decent split for everyone who wants their Old School Death Metal unpolished and rotten. Forget about cremations, we need decomposing bodies surrounded by maggots to feast upon! (Ricardo)