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Drawn and Quartered – Hail Infernal Darkness

drawn and quartered – hail infernal darkness

This is Drawn and Quartered second output I hear and it’s good. Good in the sence it is as dark as death metal can get. Hail Infernal Darkness is thighter, has a better production and has better compositions than it’s predecessor. All songs are crushing rocks so to say and keep my attention, a quality I was missing previously with Drawn and Quartered. As obvious as the grass is green, Drawn and Quartered has drawn much of their inspiration from death metal peers Immolation and Incantation. The rythymn made by drums and riffs and the vocal attack are taking care of that. Original it isn’t, but Drawn and Quartered laid down some of the better death metal tracks this year. A great atmospheric darkness just oozes into your ears, enhanced by some really teethpulling leadwork on the guitar. Hail Infernal Darkness is rocksolid. So nothing wrong with this one? Well, allthough I really enjoy Hail Infernal Darkness, somehow I feel this could have been a nonreleased Immolation album…..so next time I’m hoping to hear a real Drawn and Quartered album. (JeffreyVDK)