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Dig Me No Grave – The Valley of Serpents [EP]

dig me no grave – the valley of serpents [ep]

This quintet of the state of Vologda Oblast in Russia, performs the heaviest, deadliest Death Metal which at its first sight will refer you to the vocals and riffs familiar to Gore but slowly turning into a traditional Death Metal outfit.

In this 2018 Ep, the guys show that they understand Old School Death Metal, with very familiar and creative riffs, and variations within where they don’t let the music fall into routine. While listening to this EP you will hear references from Morta Skuld to Wombbath and enough moments to headbang too with great vocals.

The songs follow the mood within the tomb, talking about death and do not lose the Lovecraft atmosphere that surrounds the band’s central theme and to crown the excellent record, they pull of a cover of Shub Niggurath (If there is still any doubt how fond they are of traditional Death Metal) and a cover of the Motörhead gods.

In the summary of the work, it is a well performed EP, with impeccable production and extreme quality where we can witness every detail of the rot they expressed. Also a formidable cover art, summarizing in just one screen, the whole context of the band and album, tangled in itself. . Be very careful when passing the “Serpent Valley” not to be shot down! (Danilo Rotten)