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Wel – …from Where Night Comes…

wel – …from where night comes…

Struggling to find info about this Belarusian project, we find that Wel stands for Weit eis Lehre, which means World Ice Theory, coined by engineer Hans Hörbiger, who stated in 1984 that he received a vision that led him to the realization that ice is the basic substance of all cosmic processes.

Shaped mainly by Tron during the decay of XX century (1997-99 A.D.) and with support by Radzim (Ancient Wisdom, not clear if the Swedish band or a project of his own), this album does exactly what the World Ice Theory states, it is a grandiose, cold-like Black Metal opus that came from the coldest corners of the universe for us to behold and listen, in order to come back to those desolate realms. It will definitely lower the temperature of the room you’re listening this record in. Music of the night! (Diego E.)