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Vampirea – Vampirea [EP]

vampirea – vampirea [ep]

Obscurity is the keyword here. Vampirea Spawned out of the mind of its sole member (Giuliano Paulin). Started in 2022 and presenting its first self-titled 3-track demo tape in only a couple of weeks. Though Giuliano has several other active bands, all of them are still demoing and I guess none of them have reached out of their native Brazilian borders. The tape itself was released by the Ukrainian Depressive Illusions label and is also available on floppy disc (!) through the sublabel Floppy Tales Records. Alright…

The music is remarkably interesting though. The three songs offer raw yet melodic Black Metal in a very old and familiar fashion. The calm piano melodies form the basis of the songs and provide good background for the cold and raw sounding guitars. Also the sharp, raspy vocals and the minimalistic sound gives this a late 90’s feel. And to complete the picture, add the classic corpse paint and the picture of Giuliano with a sword and lit candles. Everyone who remembers the German black and white Ablaze magazines from the late 90’s: it would just perfectly fit in there.

To avoid being misunderstood, I would like to point out that none of the above should be seen in the false light and not a word is meant sarcastically. On the contrary, even. I cheer the return of the 90’s black metal sound and I certainly think Vampirea fits in there just fine. I am curious about the next steps of the band, and personally I would love to see a 7” EP of this band to be released. (FelixS)