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Totenritual – The Unholy Blood [Demo]

totenritual – the unholy blood [demo]

At first released independently as a digital only demo with the title “Das Unheilige Blut”, Blood Moon Productions picked it up and released it on cassette as well only this time with the English translation; “The Unholy Blood”.

Totenritual is the one-man project of an English individual called Krigsherre and besides the uncommon intros, the Black Metal is harsh and sounds like the programmed drums are set on “when it is this fast, it sounds a tad unnatural”. The 2-track demo is not quite there yet, but the first track has some good parts, very Hate Forest like and it has a harsh Slavonic impression in general.

If Krigsherre can develop the style a bit more and give the drums a more natural feeling, I’m curious how the next effort will turn out. (Ricardo)