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Camulos – Spiel Des Blutes

camulos – spiel des blutes


For the ones who are familiar with the band know about the history. The made themselves immortal and highly infamous with their other release “Der Untermensch (Mit Namen Christ)”. The original artwork has been banned and with that the CD gained a lot of interest from the audience. The case was actually the title that was the problem, so the actual cover was replaced by a black cover with only the word “Indiziert” on it. On many websites you’ll still only find that “Indiziert” version and not the actual cover. That was about it that I knew about Camulos before I heard this album. So, musically this band is new to me. This release was put out together with the other album, that infamous “Der Untermensch”-album, and recently they both got released as a double LP too. So, also for collectors there is enough to gain…

After an intro that could’ve been recorded by Erik of Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand and Seven Pines this first album that was released in this diptych bursts out into the raw black metal I expected. Though it is clear that it also carries some death metal influences. The main thing in which that’s audible are the vocals, they are partly not high pitched or very raw but with a slight grunt, let’s call this is a nice blunt grunt. Therefore it sounds quite a lot like the older days of black metal, from early nineties. To get it straight, it sounds rather German – which is nothing really strange with German bands after all. Like I stated, the vocals are grunts just partly, which means that the other half is rawer and more creepy but not the very high shrieking way – it gives it all a little more varied intent this way. The music is everything but varied, actually. Which is no disadvantage at all, the riffs are hypnotising. That paralysing and hypnotising feeling gets underlined by the simple, yet effective drums. To prevent the possibility that a listener could fall in sleep the band changes the tempos precisely enough.

All in all this is a nice album, but I must say that this is only for the old school black metal fans. Not for the poser guys that flood the raw black metal scene with thousands at the time these days. So, it may be clear that this is just not for the masses, but if you consider yourself a black metal fan from the early days – this is the thing that might interest you. It won’t interest the people that just like an exceptional black metal release either, for they will definitely define this as boring or whatever they feel like at that moment. So, the conclusion is up to you…


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