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Ulfsdalir – .​.​.Auf Einer Wanderung [EP]

ulfsdalir – .​.​.auf einer wanderung [ep]


Here it is already. The next Ulfsdalir release, it wasn’t so long ago since I reviewed its last album “Christenhass” (for which I also published an interview). This time it is a one-track mini CD clocking over twenty minutes. What firsts strikes me is the awesome artwork, not the standard black and white kind of artwork, but surprisingly its all white with some winterish pictures on it. Purely based on this it could’ve been a new Vinterriket album. Musical wise R.U. (the sole member of Ulfsdalir) get his kicks from a whole different angle from the dark musical spectrum. Raw black metal it is…

To begin defining the differences and what you could expect… What R.U. displays here is a more pagan-like black metal than on his previous work. There are more acoustic and quiet passages to enjoy and the overall speed is definitely lower than before. Still that Darkthrone vibe can be experienced – one of Ulfsdalir’s trademarks if you’d ask me. Funny thing is that Darkthrone may be the blueprint of what is recorded on this mini CD still it is audible that we deal with a German act, somehow there are always possibilities where you can conclude from which country a band is, especially when they’re from Germany – positively, in this case. It is nothing new to write, produce and release a one-track mini CD with an impressive length, but most of the time it has been done before it was rather hard to keep your attention to the music (most of the times, though), but this track has enough variation, tempo changes and lyrics to keep the listener attracted to the music.

So, for those who already enjoyed “Christenhass” or any of the previously released material I can only say that  this is a nice addition to your collection and that it won’t disappoint you – at least I can’t image so. The light change that I heard (the increase of the use of pagan influences) is a well appreciated variation to the music and makes it more attractive and interesting. I’m wondering whether R.U. will use this in the future too or that it is just a one-time thing released on a mini CD, who knows? But with the consistent tempo of quality releases I think we’ll have our answer pretty fast!