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Nazgul – When The Wolves Return To The Forest [Re-Release]

nazgul – when the wolves return to the forest [re-release]


First of all I like to say that this is one of the two releases of Nazgul this year. Both CDs carry some older material that was recorded in the early days of the band. People observing the Spanish black metal scene must at least heard the names of Uruk-Hai and Cyhiriaeth. Well, all of the members that were/are involved in Nazgul can also be found in the line-ups of these two bands. I heard the name of this band before, but it never came that far that I also heard their music. So, they were totally new for me as well.

This first chapter of the two releases is called “When The Wolves Return To The Forest” and can actually be seen as the re-release of their debut album that was released in 2000 through the – to me totally unknown – Battlefield Records. They changed the artwork and added – just like on the original release – the “My Throne Of Winter”-demotape from 1997 on the album. That means we get around twenty-seven minutes of raspy black metal with a slight pagan twist to it. When judging on the front cover I see a slight resemblance with Behemoth’s “From The Pagan Vastlands”, musically it sounds faster and actually it is not really comparable, though the atmosphere that’s created is somewhat the same. But it is rather clear that this band leans more on the Norwegian black metal sound, though the band is unmistakable from Spanish grounds. The thing I like most of this album are the simple, yet effective melodies and the diversity of the overall sound. It is not only a blast fest, and since I’m not a real fan of fast black metal this is just a good point to me, but the diversity is mainly to be found in the breaks with soft female chants, clean guitar passages, pounding war-drums, ambient-like keyboards or spoken words. People shouldn’t be scared that it all about keyboards and female vocals, for that is certainly not the case, they are just a simple and effective addition to the music. The demo tracks are a lot rawer and have a very dominant sound and lacks the dreamy rhythms and melodies of the first five tracks, the demo is also a lot faster -and that is maybe one of the reasons why I like the first five tracks of the album best.


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