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Nazgul – Awaiting The Battle Ravens [Re-Release]

nazgul – awaiting the battle ravens [re-release]


This is the other chapter of the Nazgul 2004 releases. For more information on the band and its links in the Spanish black metal scene you’d better read the review of the “When The Wolves Return To The Forest”-album. Just like the other album this is a re-release of earlier work. This is newer work, its main tracks are taken from the 2003 demo called “Awaiting The Battle Ravens” and the last two bonustracks are two tracks from the “…The Return Of Pagan Beliefs”-EP. To me it is already clear what happened in the band – and to be honest – I do think that they did a step back in quality. Musically the band changed a lot, the pagan-ish side of the band seemed to be nearly vanished and the tempos are higher than before. By pushing the tempos the hypnotising effect of the riffs are gone and so is the diversity that was one of the best things of the previous work. The breaks are still there, and there are still the war-drums pounding here and there, and so are the acoustic/clean guitar passages but I still think the band did a step backwards in progression. I don’t want to bad-mouth this album at all for it certainly contains some good tracks and ideas but when I’m comparing this to “When The Wolves Return To The Forest” I must conclude that this is by far inferior to that aforementioned album. This sounds even more as typical Spanish black metal, and the question is whether they are going to be capable of standing out of the ongoing mediocrity of the world wide black metal scene of today. Another question that I need to ask, why just two tracks of the “…The Return Of Pagan Beliefs”-EP and not all four of them, the album just lasts for about thirty-five minutes so there was enough space on the disc to put these on it as well. Another nice thing is that one could own all Nazgul material in just two discs, so one has got a nice overview on the band’s musical history. To draw a conclusion, I really can’t say this sucks but I can’t say this is killer stuff either. If you have to choose between the two releases, I’d go for the other one, the “When The Wolves Return To The Forest”-album.