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Nervengas – Alpha Germania

nervengas – alpha germania


It was about time that there would be some black metal bands that would rise and make a fist to something else than Christianity. As the inlay of this album says: “Our weapon against the islam”, this album is totally against all that. Yet, they wrapped their message in a pretty damn fine piece of thrashing black metal album.

This is not your typical Christhunt Productions album, but surely one of their better releases. Without being really original or outstanding in terms of innovation, production, technical capability or whatever they managed to produce a solid debut album. Balancing between thrash metal and black metal, they found themselves a good spot in between with a very old school sound that reminds of the earliest bands moving in these territories – back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This could easily been recorded back in the days where the genres of death metal, black metal and thrash metal were not so very different from each other, from times when this kind of metal was just labelled as ‘extreme metal’. With howling guitars, fuzzy bass and pummelling drums it really adds to the overall atmosphere of obscurity and morbidity. The vocals are really on the rawer edge of the spectrum, and sound like your typical early to mid 90’s French black metal rasp. Some of the (well-hidden) melodies also give hints of the admiration of the band members for more melodic Norse black metal, listen for instance to the song ‘Panzerketten’, which might also be the best song of the album.

This album comes quite as a surprise and will definitely be played more often in the future. Fans of the aforementioned obscurity and morbidity, and overall old school extreme metal could easily try this one and won’t be disappointed.


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