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Legion Of Sadism – Auf Gedeih Und Verderb

legion of sadism – auf gedeih und verderb


I never heard any music by Legion Of Sadism before I only read a review of a previous output by a colleague at Vampire-Magazine, this and some other informative internet pages were the only sources of information I had to built my own idea upon. But the best thing is trying an album and write something about it yourself. That is what I did when I got this “Auf Gedeih Und Verderb”, denying the critic my colleague had I put this album in my player and found out myself…

As expected the music is black metal at a raw basis. The black metal of these Germans is obviously really primitive and reminds more than often on the old school scene that was exploding around the early nineties and came back just around the millennium. This time this kind of black metal is rather popular in Eastern Europe and therefore I think this band will be popular in these countries. Nevertheless I really liked the band, though not all songs were equally cool in my opinion. The openings track is really good, but my favourite track is the seventh “A Live To Give” which reminds me on Burzum’s “War” (from his self titled debut album, a classic!), not that it is really similar but it has the same kind of touch and feeling. Other than this it is nothing really special in terms of originality but it is played rather good and therefore still enjoyable. It hasn’t got the interest from a huge crowd (like we care) but the lovers of primitive and raw black metal will like this. I can’t really share the words my colleague wrote on them for this album is pretty decent. But I guess and suppose that this is much better anyway! Owh, and another thing, the artwork is really great, they certainly have a positive point there – and I hope other bands will get inspired a little by this work…

Legion Of Sadism

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