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Structure – Structure [EP]

structure – structure [ep]


Utrecht native Bram Bijlhout (Formally of Officium Triste & The 11th Hour, and currently of NLBM band Grafjammer) has a name worthy of a metal project already, but has decided to name his Atmospheric Death/Doom project Structure instead. Last year saw the release of his debut self-titled EP which was released first on cassette by Dutch label Brutal Insanity Records, and then further into the year on CD by Spanish label Ardua Music.  This four track EP has a very dour mood cast by the pessimistic lyrics which focus on the mental hardships of life, as well as a sense of overall societal decay and a dash of anti-religion/faith sentiment.

Things build slowly with very deliberate drawn out riffs and well placed drum tones, before a clawing, primitive growling menace filters into the sound, with a touch of synth undertone and some superb guitar melody rising from the darkness and to my ear, adding a touch of the exotic to the mix. Opening track ‘Remain Faithless’ sends a hair rising tingle down the spine when ever a spike of synth peels across through the atmosphere, and this is exacerbated by the subtle guitar tones that slink between the more mountainous riffs.

Sporting a slightly quicker tempo and a fuller, more bass fuelled sound, ‘Lost’ carries with it a more doleful aura that radiates from the guitars, which incidentally are given time and space to breathe more intricate patterns, whilst also increasing the intensity and anger before the now monolithic riffs which remind me a little of early Vallenfyre, or even My Dying Bride. These impressions continue through the eleven minute epic ‘And They Remembered’ though one difference in this ode to the fallen is some spoken word moments hidden beneath the music.

The album begins its decline towards oblivion with the crushing vocal delivery and oppressive riffs and beats of ‘As I Take What’s Mine’, a shorter but more bristling track that promises hints of violence and danger within the fabric of its bleak, dark tapestry. ‘Catatonic’ brings things neatly to a close with a thoughtful, inspiring melody that offers a ray of hope amongst the gloom. This is a truly intensive album, but far more important than that, a very listenable one. Just be sure to now be in too bad a mood when you start on this journey!


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