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Malevolent Creation – Invidious Dominion

malevolent creation – invidious dominion

Already their eleventh studio album, the two live albums not incalculated, the Americans from Malevolent Creation are at a good drive in their careers. This new release is titled “Invidious Dominion” and they create albums in a blasting death metal style! The vocals from Brett Hoffmann sound very energetic and fits very well with the sound they unleash. All tracks are executed in a crushing tempo and they are fluently mixed together in the production.

The listeners won’t have the time to take a break, because already after the intro the ferocious blastbeats are crawling into your body, and the intensity from that point doesn’t fade away anymore. The members don’t have any problems with taking control over their instruments that seems to have the mission to cause havoc! I sense a high concentration of God Dethroned (“Ravenous”) in their sound, meaning that you may expect an overdrive of death metal that comes to you…

The fans from this band will have a fucking good mood, and they can add this album to their collection with eyes closed. Especially the impressive and scorching riffs are real neckbreakers . Listen to tracks as “United Hate”, “Lead Spitter” and the splendid “Slaughterhouse” and have a big moshparty! Thanks guys for this excellent death metal release, you’ve made my day… (Fredde)