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Dismember – Dismember

dismember – dismember

Great bands deliver great albums. Unfortunately it’s not that easy as most great bands always have at least one album in their discography which gives a “hmmm, well…it’s a nice one, but…”-feeling. Personally every Dismember album is a direct hit. Even “Massive Killing Capacity” although the critics weren’t that positive during the release of the album. But 2008 is the year of a new album, a new self-titled album, a new album without long-time drummer Fred Estby…

But even without Estby, Dismember is going further on the (left hand) path they were already on during “Where Ironcrosses Grow” and “The God That Never Was”. This means the well known old school Swedish Death metal that they have played their whole career, mixed with an occasional Autopsy groove and song structure combined with Iron Maiden like guitar harmonies. As expected actually. “Death Conquers All” is a vicious start to the album and gives you the feeling that Dismember will reign the next 40 minutes of your life. “Under a Blood Red Sky” is definitely the “Tragedy of the Faithfull” of this album because of the Maiden-esque guitar harmonies during the end of the song. And those harmonies come back during “To End It All”. For the groove addicts, there are plenty tunes to go nuts to on this album like “Europa Burns”, “Legion” and “Combat Fatigue”. Someone said to me that Dismember is using a kind of blueprint over and over again. Maybe that person is telling the truth, but if the result is like this album…cherish that blueprint! Great album!

Once again Dismember will not gain any new fans with this release, but if you are fan of their last 2 releases, you can buy this one blindfolded. Dismember conquers all! (Ricardo)