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Hatriot – Heroes of Origin

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Steve Zetro Souza is back. And how! Exactly what one would hope for, coming from a man with one of the most recognisable vocals eighties thrash metal. It’s Zetro, it’s thrash, so I’ll keep this simple for those interested in the genre as well as this iconic vocalist. The good: Fierce, fast, catchy, and perfectly executed. The bad: One of the worst album covers ever and a digital production which lacks a truly organic flow, especially the drums. The album consists of three songs from their earlier self-titled demo, ‘Blood Stained Wings’ (which was already released as a video in 2012) and 6 new tracks. So those already familiar with Hatriot will find a nice balance of ‘old’ and new tracks here. Don’t expect this album to come close to a Zetro-fronted classic like Fabulous Disaster in terms of everlasting compositions but it surely manages to surpass ‘Tempo of the Damned’ (the last album Zetro made with Exodus) due to a more consistent flow of ferocity and higher average pace. Although at first listen the album might not be as catchy as material Zetro sang on earlier in his thrash metal career, the songs grow on you and so does their catchiness. There surely will be a crosspatch somewhere on earth who’d have preferred Zetro doing some melodic stuff as well as for instance ‘Alone in the Dark’ on the The Legacy demo but that’d just be looking for an excuse to complain. Daddy Zetro shows he’s still pissed and brought along two of his sons this time to spread the family message. (Isaak)