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Ancient Rites – Laguz

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What a surprise was that for me…I woke up one day and opened my email, where I received a download link from the new release from Belgian based band Ancient Rites titled ‘Laguz’. I somewhat was wondered, because that was the first thing I’ve heard or read about a comeback from these guys, with frontman Gunther Theys that again leads his troops! Yes, their last effort was ‘Rubicon’ in the year 2006, so after an absence of more than 9 years it seems that the urge to rejoin the music business was big for them. Laguz will be the sixth full-length album, and for me personally the album ‘Fatherland’ was one of the greatest I’ve heard in the past. The lyrics about historical themes, Flemish pride and European heritage went in like a slice of pizza and the instrumental parts along with the pleasant voice of Mister Theys made me go insane! Okay, it’s not so that Ancient Rites has a huge pack of followers I think, but the many fans they’ve got, will again be blessed with this outcome. From the first song (a combo titled 1 + 2 Golden Path & Carthago) its immediately clear that the lyrics again are found in the historical themes, something Gunther handles with needed knowledge and experience. The cohesion between keys, guitars and drums is there, some orchestral instruments are added to built up the typical sound, and especially when the drum parts are uptempo, a smile is created on my face. I must say, for an absence of about 9 years, these guys prove that talent doesn’t fade away that fast and that when the fun and ambition is there, much can be achieved! Great comeback and surely give this one a try! Best tracks imo: ‘Under the Sign’ and ‘Umbra’! I’m sure this album again will gain lot’s of appreciation such as their former ones they’ve released in their career, and this one fits perfectly in their discography! Little detail: the promo sheet and download link I’ve received vary from the original album that will be released, because I’ve noticed that some track titles are shorter in the promo than what will appear on the back cover of the album and disc. So my bad if tracks are somewhat different. Welcome back AR! (Fredde)

Ancient Rites

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