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Gotthammer – Godslaying Sonic Barbarism [Demo]

gotthammer – godslaying sonic barbarism [demo]


“But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.”John 19:33-34

If the spear that tasted the flesh of the Nazarene was forged through contemptuous malice, from the birthright which gives onto the purest strain of malevolence, then it shall assume the form of Gotthammer’s debut demo, “Godslaying Sonic Barbarism”. An offering that defiles the aura that is sacrilege and upon the altar perverts the symbols that converse in whispered biblical tongues.

Calling upon the essence from the darkened womb, Gotthammer wills the energy of both Black and Death Metal in a pulsating manner to whet the blade that castrates the sanctimonious chord. The true gem that is bred from this pit, comes in its manner to portray an intimate aura, for tracks such as “Black Blood Ejaculation” and “Mocking the Nazarene” are morsels where the crude manner of the instrumental architecture bestows a rather raw and unrefined essence, as though you one can insert a finger into the orifice of a gaping wound, feel it’s depth, the very walls of its crimson flow and taste the ichor in vulgar delectation. 

This frenetic approach which carries across the sixteen minute mark of the demo represents the monolith of “Godslaying Sonic Barbarism” for the convulsions between the strings and percussions,shaped in noise creates a rather abstract piece within these distortions. However, the vocals which completes this triptych becomes the force which wields the spear, the very energy that lacerates sacred flesh with its malefic blackened speech. Songs such as “Sulfuric Throne of Sodom” and “Desecration of Purity” expands the already dense atmosphere, for at times the flow of the voice feels as though it originates from a titan that dwells not in this realm.

If you wish to feel the crown of thorns fashioned in noise placed upon the soul, to let yourself become one in its pulsation of dissonance, then I say onto you,anoint yourself from the crown of the head to the sole of the feet, become immersed in this sulphuric gospel and feel it’s aphotic spirit.

A special mention should be made, that if you wish to possess this manifestation in its physical shape, Wolfkult Religion will soon be unveiling this demo in its 7″ form.