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Feeble Deity – Compendium Opus [Compilation]

feeble deity – compendium opus [compilation]


That the Dark Adversary Productions label not only releases the own material of label-owner Azgorh (Drowning The Light, among others) is of course no news, but in recent years the label has increasingly manifested itself as an institution and authority in the field of deeply underground-rooted Black Metal. As such, in the form of ‘Compendium Opus’, it brings a compilation of several stand-alone recordings by American Black Metal act Feeble Deity, a band that was probably not yet on many people’s radar, but clearly was on Azgorh’s…

‘Compendium Opus’ compiles the recordings that made up the ‘Heed The Flame Of Will’ demo (previously only released digitally), their side of the split with Flagellant (excluding its intro) and the so far digital-only single “Infernal Embrace”, together making for a 26 minute ride into regressive, old and cold Black Metal. The authentic vibe and the high guitar tone of especially the split-material reminds of the oldest Armagedda recordings (pre-“Only True Believers” era), giving it a thoroughly European character. Although all of the band’s tracks presented here are very much guitar-based sort of Black Metal, it breathes a bona fide dark and cold atmosphere that only a hand full of those early or second generation Norwegian bands were able to pull off, the acoustic ‘Abstieg’ (closer for the split with Flagellant) is only further emphasizing their penchant of the greats of those heydays of Scandinavian Black Metal. Due to the rawness and overall icy feeling of the riffs, let’s call this the authenticity of the production, this compilation CD feels like a true time travel to those exciting days of the late 90’s and early 00’s in which Black Metal took all new forms of extremes and rawness.

While Feeble Deity might not at all be about any originality, the American duo certainly prove to know their craft: they present their music in a genuine haunting, chilling and overall cold atmosphere. Those overdriven vocals in ‘Exanguinated Son Of Imperial Hierarchy’ and the passion-fuelled Armagedda vibe in ‘Impudence Of The Cross’ make ‘Compendium Opus’ a more than worthwhile release that once again proves Azgorh’s nose for supreme Black Metal quality.

Feeble Deity

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