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Wurgilnõ – Angst [EP]

wurgilnõ – angst [ep]


The Wurgilnõ debut ‘De Doden Rusten Niet In Vrede’ came like a bolt from the blue earlier in 2023, and riding that momentum a new release was not far behind in its tracks. With ‘Angst’, the sole member behind this entity, Consanguineus, treats us to four fearful new tracks, presented on tape by the alliance of labels of Merg & Been, Rotting Sun Records and Wolfkult Religion.

From the review and interview that we previously published it became clear that the Black Metal of Wurgilnõ is one that was formed out of Consanguineus’ personal preferences and without too much of a clear influence or template. In that sense ‘Angst’ is a logical continuation, leading to a sound that levitates between first wave and second wave Black Metal. With a thick bass sound and a more distanced contribution of the guitars, the ‘Angst’ EP sounds gloomier, more venomous and rawer than the album. At times the slower passages on the EP lean towards classical Doom Metal in the vein of for instance Candlemass. This is for instance the case in opener ‘The Mythische Rituelen der Witte Wieven’. Here is also one of the examples where we find clean vocals that duel it out with Consanguineus’ hissing Black Metal cries, and together these elements make for a brooding atmosphere. But don’t let that suggest that this is all slow and heavy. On the contrary, the EP is filled with uptempo passages with catchy riffs and the strength is the dynamics in the songwriting. Even in a more straightforward and regressive song such as ‘Waar Den Duvel Huist’, which is stylistically closer to ‘De doden rusten niet in vrede’, there is plenty of variation. This is where Consanguineus’ view of individuality and purposeful absence of influences shines through the most and leads to a sound that is both authentic and unique. The title track is for instance a more skincrawling track, one where suffocatingly heavy riffs are intertwined with degenerative Black Metal. It has a certain commanding and almost militant feel to it, and the unsettling bass adds a perfect complement to the somewhat more distant guitars.

Not only does Wurgilnõ quickly follow up the debut, it more than lives up to its quality. Personally, I even prefer the more eerie and rawer approach on ‘Angst’, a recording that mixes the broad musical interest of Consanguineus into a vile piece of Black Metal that can count itself amongst the elite of the Dutch scene.

Rotting Sun Records

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