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Drown in Blood – Addicted to Murder

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This crew of death thrashing aural assassins hails from Lombardi, a relentless hit squad staffed by members Marco, Gio, Gigi, and Fedaz. Their album, Addicted To Murder, is a rare example of a genre that is usually quite generic sounding to my ears. Addicted To Murder showcases excellent production, but from the point of view of someone who considers themselves an osdm aficionado. For us, “excellent production” means something different than it does for Nickleback. Osdm freaks want to hear every instrument clearly, of course, we want to hear thundering drums and huge guitars (and some bass guitar would be nice for a fucking change), but we also *don’t* want it to sound so slick and so perfect that it loses it’s dark, filthy atmosphere, which is vitally important for the genre. Addicted To Murder strikes a crushing balance between achieving a clear, gigantic sound and a raw, grimey vibe–but not too grimey. I can hear everything perfectly, but it never sounds over-produced to me, just abrasive and heavy as hell. And when I say I can hear everything, I mean specifically, the bass guitar. Yes, I can actually hear the bass guitar, and its absofuckinglutely stellar! Bands take note: When you bury the bass guitar, you eliminate a vital element of your music, one which your audience would enjoy immensely. If your bassist sucks, fire them and get someone competent. Bravo to Drown In Blood for giving us a healthy dose of 4 string power. The riffing on Addicted To Murder is top notch, very intense yet not too technical for its own good, and absolutely NOT melodic. The guitar tone is fat and over distorted, yet the riffs never sound muddy or messy. Vocals are growled with vicious intent, and Gio turns in a truly ferocious performance. Drums pound with bludgeoning power, delivered by a true expert in the craft of death metal skinsmanship. This album just lays waste to so many other pretenders out there, and everything–drums, bass, vocals and guitars are performed with complete mastery, and it makes for a profoundly satisfying listening experience. This album should be played whenever you need a dose of catchy, infectious brutality and heaviosity. It would also make an incredible death metal drunken house partly album—does anyone do that shit anymore? Goddamn, I miss the old days. So yeah, Buy it. Right the fuck now. (D.L. Beaven)

Drown in Blood

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