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Warstorm – Goatspel

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If you’re into Thrash, it seems you have to check out Italy lately. Warstorm isn’t the first one to play the US kind of this violent music style. Well, mostly US. Overall the tracks are a bit longer than the usual shock and awe approach of fast Thrash songs. Warstorm is slightly different, a bit more technical and progressive compared with most of their country mates and a producing a bit more riffs (Exodus, Annihilator and later Testament influenced) within a song. The fact they play Kreator’s “Phobia” as a cover during live gigs and have a 10-minute closing track, probably gives you clue as well that this isn’t a 100% retro 1980’s Thrash band. Only I’m not a big fan of the vocals as I think a slight lower and wider vocal range would fit in more with the style. (Ricardo)