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Disrotter – Plague [Demo]

disrotter – plague [demo]

This demo is the first release of this American Death/Grind band, which is a short and raw one but also really good. An absolute discharge of Death Metal with a huge slab of Grindcore with clear influences from bands as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Carcass or Repulsion. The demo has 4 tracks, featuring a Terrorizer cover of the song “ Storm of Stress” and in my opinion they execute an Old School Death/Grind style at its finest.

Regarding the artwork I want to indicate that it is very well done as it is simple but shows the concept that this young band wants to display with this sick logo and cover art. It is a good debut and a great start, playing raw and old school Death/Grind as it has to be; fast riffs, deep vocals and blasting drums with a pounding and rotting bass sound behind What I enjoyed the most of this demo is the brutality of the guitar work and the heavy vocals , but the exaction of the drums and the bass are really good as well and complements the other instruments.

I strongly  recommend keeping an eye on this band who clearly knows how to combine blasting Death Metal with Grindcore and I can’t wait to check out  soon a full album from them! (Manuel Sanchez)