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Gurthang – Shattered Echoes

gurthang – shattered echoes

Once started as a one-man project in the Doom/Death vein, Gurthang from Poland transformed into a full Blackened Doom Metal band throughout the years. Since the existence in 2010, mainman A.Z.V. released a ton of splits, singles, Eps, compilations and full-lengths and playing in a handful of other bands as well. So Blackened Doom, eh? After some spins still not convinced by the musical effort of Gurthang. Although I sometimes hear some hints of a keyboardless Samael during the “Passage”-era when it comes to atmosphere, the chanting like vocals of A.Z.V. falls out (for example on “Advance the Disease”). Also the leads are sometimes out of tune. Maybe it’s the intention, to create a depressive atmosphere, but for me is a bit out of place on this album. It is clearly a hybrid of Black and Doom with an emphasize on an occult atmosphere, but after 3 spins I still can’t say if this a good album or not. Therefore I hear to many parts of which I think “nah, this could be better”. (Ricardo)