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Demonbreed – Hunting Heretics [EP]

demonbreed – hunting heretics [ep]

The new EP from Demonbreed and for sure better than the first album. Old School Death Metal with perfect melodic elements while the songs are inspired by the Swedish scene. Great production as it should be with vocals from the depths and very good solos within the songs which make the difference through a dark atmosphere. Grave and Dismember along with Edge of Sanity are the main influences so you know what to expect.

Many times you don’t have to be fast to play only with this kind of extreme metal music and Demonbreed knows that well. They give you the old school stuff through mid-tempo songs (most of them) which will blow you away. At last my regards to Dennis and Testimony records for bring it out there.  Recommended for fans of Dismember, Grave, Defolaration and Edge of Sanity.  (John Giakoumakis)