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Organic [ITA] – Carved in Flesh

organic [ita] – carved in flesh


Italian Death Metal dudes extraordinaire, Organic, certainly do in no uncertain terms earn their name, even if they had a different meaning when they first set out into the alps around them to dig up a few HM-2 pedals and what not. Following on from their first effort, 2014’s EP “Death Battalion”, our fine friends here get all dirty and riffy straight from the get go with “Suffocate In Blood”, and proceed to cover us in a fine soaking of all things manure like for the duration of this album. All of the necessary tropes apply, and I for one am glad they do because this is precisely the kind of album that one can just kick back to without tying one’s brain into a giant knot.

Lyrical content is also on par with what you would expect. No songs about saving kittens on here or any such nonsense, instead you get to enjoy such finery as “Frozen Meat Medal” and “Carved In Flesh” just to name a couple. Each and every one as fine a testament to the HM-2 style of riffing out the collective minds of everyone and anyone within earshot. This sure as shit isn’t Shakespeare, and that’s precisely why we like it. From the short but brutally sweet “Der Fotzenknecht” (The Groomsmen apparently, and it doesn’t sound like a fucking wedding song to be sure haha), to the more laid back trappings of “I, Soulless” and onwards, you will find much to rejoice in if you are a fan of this particular style of Death Metal.

Yep, this is pretty much a tried and true path here, as steady as a mountain goats majestic hooves as he (or she of course, or it for you whiny little sacks amongst us) navigates his way along a familiar area of sheer rock face or winds his way around an impossible ledge with the utmost grace. Exciting to be sure, but we all know the outcome. I for one would like to see them maybe incorporate a little more of their own homeland in their sound, I mean seriously imagine the fun we could have with a little bit of Piva (a Bagpipe like traditional folk instrument) thrown in for good measure! Maybe not, and in all seriousness, this is as good as the style gets as far as HM-2 worship goes.

Organic have done a damn fine job here. Standout track for me would be “Death Battalion”, a bonus track from their original EP, just because it still sounds so raw and brutal, and the magnificently catchy “From Beyond”. If you are a fan of OSDM, or more particularly Old School Swe-Death in general then this one’s for you without a doubt. I dig it! (The Great Mackintosh)

Organic [ITA]

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