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Cntmpt – Towards Neglect

cntmpt – towards neglect

Releasing albums at the end of the year is, in my opinion, a very good to get yourself overlooked. While everyone is making years end lists, trying to catch up on missed albums or finding new interesting records to put in your collection and most of all, people being on the verge of bankruptcy, it can happen that those good and even better albums are being overlooked.

German Black Metal trio Cntmpt start their sophomore album, “Towards Neglect” with a haunting acoustic guitar intro. By the time you figure out how beautiful that intro is, your ears are cut with a swift change into a disturbing opening riff of the second song. Throughout the record, gloomy parts interchange with ridiculously fast and dissonant parts, from melancholic and sorrowful melody to painful grief expressed through anger. To put an even stronger emphasis on the grief expressed throughout this record, there are no vocals… but that doesn’t mean there are no voices on it. Voices of a person screaming and sometimes crying, are hidden in the back of the sound, rarely peeking its head out enough to be recognized as a human voice and not a sound of a wind blowing from another space or time.

Certain acts in black metal have the ability to express sorrow, pain, grief etc. In such a passionate manner that even grumpy people, who prefer chaotic and dissonant music (like myself) will shut up, take a listen and later admit that we enjoyed it. One of those artist seem to be Cntmpt, who have managed to create a hauntingly beautiful album, which has unfortunately been released in the second half od last December. Don’t let it go in the way the title suggests. (Black Mary)