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(The True) Veiled – In Binding Presence

(the true) veiled – in binding presence

About as abstract and ‘kvlt’ as it gets, mysterious German act (The True) Veiled play a form of Black/Death metal that is as unsettling as the album artwork suggests.  Conjuring a musical landscape that sits somewhere between the intensity of Burial Hordes or Blasphemy and the weirdness of Ved Buens Ende, Virus or Deathspell Omega, Veiled have managed to get the balance between controlled musicality and all-out fucking bizarre pretty much perfectly.

Tracks like “Triunity” and “Steps” showcase this in abundance, flitting between parts that are one minute fast and almost incomprehensible in their intensity and the next setting you off on some fucked up psychedelic trip to the blackest recesses of the imagination.  Featuring a vocal performance that is nothing short of terrifying and all backed up with a suitably raw-yet-clear production (the guitar and drum sounds are superb), “In Binding Presence” is varied enough in pace and structure to stop it ever becoming one-dimensional and stagnant, yet is not too experimental so that it chokes the extremity, hitting that place in the middle where everything seems to flow very smoothly and naturally.

Closing the album with the ten-minute “Bringer of Lambency” is a masterful stroke as it combines everything that that has made the previous twenty-five minutes so enthralling.  You have everything on this track; the speed, the aggression and that sense of uncomfortable otherworldliness that make Veiled one of the more original, standout acts in the genre and will no doubt propel this album onto a few year-end lists this year. (DaveW)