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Vermisst – Zmierzch stalowej ciemności [EP]

vermisst – zmierzch stalowej ciemności [ep]

Vermisst from Poland just started in 2018, but already have released 2 demo and a split with Plaguespawn in 2019, and now the “Zmierzch stalowej ciemności” EP created by Vorghast, Belath and Kvalvaag. And maybe you already know the last bloke, as he is involved in…well…Kvalvaag, but also in acts like Astaroth, Arvas and Dødsfall, the last one as a live-member. The ambition of Vermisst; creating Oldfashioned cold Black Metal in the vein or early nineties tradition.

While referring the Black Metal of Vermisst to acts like Kvist, early Manes and early Satyricon, I do miss the connection with the Kvist album “For kunsten maa vi evig vike” a bit, while the Manes (if you reduce the keys on the “Under ein blodraud maane” album) and Satyricon part are more appropriate. When you throw in the old Polish scene as well, let’s say Behemoth’s “Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)”, you will hear a fine piece of Old School Black Metal with the right amount of usage of the keys to create an atmosphere which is the musical performance of the album cover. And the ambient outro just emphasizes it.

It all sounds familiar on “Zmierzch stalowej ciemności”, but when it is done right, it is done right. (Ricardo)