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Nöldr – Misanthropic Forest

nöldr – misanthropic forest

The debut of Brazilian one-man Black Metal project, Nöldr, filled with misanthropy, vengeance, myths and darkness.

Lord Deathlaff is taking the aesthetics of Black Metal serious which results in an album which is both raw and melodic in the melancholic way thanks to the high tremolo riffs. The human-hating Lord himself cites Enthroned and Mäleficentt as influences for Nöldr and I can say I hear some of their musical approach as well, if you take Enthroned’s “Towards The Skullthrone of Satan” and a less bleak sounding Mäleficentt in mind.

With closing track “The Return to Ashes” Nöldr ends the debut full-length with an ambient track and delivers a steady album. (Ricardo)