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Atra Mors – Dominate upon the Throne of Might

atra mors – dominate upon the throne of might

Italy and United States of America. Noctu and Baron Draconian Abandon (Michael W. Ford). A quite relevant number of bands, Black Funeral being the most well known of them all. This is the core reality of Atra Mors. Considering the musicians behind the creation, the ideals that fuel their lives and their perspective on Black Metal – and Music, for that matter – one should be expecting something that stands out.

I was not familiar with this specific name. It was, yes, my first time. Overall, you will be getting the standard Raw Black Metal production: it sort of “hides” the melody, forcing you to dig deep, searching for said sound; the drums do not derail from what we are used to, from the genre; the vocals are harsh and aggressive; those slower and “thicker” moments, where everything eases and you feel this immense weight, crushing you and forcing you to bend. It is a non-stop discharge of Esoteric Black Metal with some really nice details.

To me it ends being too much, at times. Too much for you to absorb and understand. It does not help the fact that the album is a little over 46 minutes. You reach the end and you feel this enormous pain, that cuts through your spirit and into your mind, taking over you, spellbinding… I dare say that the album is at its best, when the musicians slow down the pace, almost like doomish momentum. Wicked. (DanielP)