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Necrophagia – Goblins Be Thine [EP]

necrophagia – goblins be thine [ep]


Metalheads who aren’t familiar with Necrophagia … Are there any? This is a band that has an enormous historical value when you track back influences from various bands that draw attention from both media and public. Despite of their work as one of the pioneers of the extreme metal like we know it Necrophagia always kept that underground status. And because of their split up at the late eighties leaving that massive cult release “Season Of The Dead” they got an unmistakable cult status as well. Their mid nineties come-back was highly anticipated and they were able to live up their cult status and all releases that are done since are of that same high quality as their cult second album from 1987. But they still couldn’t distance themselves from their underground status. But that is certainly one of the aspects that keeps this band interesting.

This EP is the follow-up of the 2003 album “The Divine Art Of Torture”, and since that last album appealed to me quite a lot I was pretty much looking forward to this EP. And as usual the band didn’t let me down on any occasion. Why? Because they didn’t change their recipe at all, so people who never liked them can simply stop reading (and fans of the band too). The only thing I can think of is the inclusion of a little more atmospherical use of the keyboards in order to create a certain kind of atmosphere. That is probably a result of one of Killjoy and Mirai Kawashima’s other projects called Enoch – which is mainly leaning on horror-like ambient music. The rest is still the same slow, filthy, grooving and sludgy kind of death metal with a hugely sickening atmosphere.

This EP is released on CD by Red Stream and a vinyl version is released – as usual – through Displeased Records. To me this is just another great release of the masters of horror, gore and sickness!

Red Stream Inc.

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