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Innumerable Forms – Philosophical Collapse

innumerable forms – philosophical collapse


Highly experienced Boston, Massachusetts Death/Doom Metal quintet have been active since back in 2007, and ‘Philosophical Collapse’ is the bands second full length release. Like their debut album ‘Punishment in Flesh’ released in 2018, this new opus has been unleashed by Profound Lore Records on both CD and cassette.

It’s easy to see why this album has been picked up by Profound Lore Records. The ‘Philosophical Collapse’ title track opens proceedings with a slab of doom drench Death Metal that batters and punishes all before it. From behind the kit comes a cavernous sounding backbone of epic proportions, whilst the guitar work oscillates between roaring riff-age and dark, melodious guitar rhythms. The vocal work of Justin DeTore (Who may be familiar to some of you through his work with such bands as Vestal Claret ,Stone Dagger and Sumerlands amongst others) have a primal bleak force about them, and his growls rise through the gloom to sound out with power and fierceness.

If I was forced to pick a fault with this album, it would simply be that the band’s sound of crushing, murky Death/Doom doesn’t deviate from its stereotypical format; so, they don’t differ from the many other bands who play this kind of style. That being said, what separates Innumerable Forms from many other bands of this ilk, is the sheer intensity of the atmosphere that they create, and the high standard of musicianship with which they perform their art.

‘Philosophical Collapse’ is a well written album too. This opus traverses many bleak and winding trails and is comfortable when spontaneously belting out furiously aggressive riffs, but equally so when dropping the pace to a crawl and administering some methodical, savage drum tones and menacing, oppressive growls. So, all in all ‘Philosophical Collapse’ is a vastly atmospheric and engaging album with more bite than its bark!