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Leviathan / Crebain – Leviathan / Crebain [Split]

leviathan / crebain – leviathan / crebain [split]


Crebain is a one man black metal band hailing from sunny California and presents here his first offical cd release. Previously he only released a very limited cd-r demo last year. After hearing the first songs on the split I noticed his ability to make very memorable riffs. Not only fast, melodic but also catchy as hell. Crebain’s chief Ancalagon is a damn good guitarist. All the savage and raw riffery is supported by high pitched and scrambled shrieks and militant drumcomputing. While the riffery and vocals make up the biggest part of the compositions and are very well executed, the drumcomputer lacks invention, good sound and is too loud. Furthermore, the compositions are fairly open and only slightly distorted, so the use of a drumcomputer is too obvious and too sterile. Only when pace is set to midtempo or slow this flaw is less obvious, as usual with programmed drums. I guess Crebain’s best is brought by “The Burden of my Despair”. A slow and midtempo song in which his compository skills and musicianship are at his best, hereby focusing less attention on the drums. This dark and majestic song is actually very, very good mind you, so hopefully Crebain will focus more on the midtempo parts in future. It’s what he is best at, in my opinion.

Leviathan and main man Wrest is no stranger to you anymore I hope. On this split Leviathan continues the path marked on “The 10th Sublevel of Suicice”. Insane compositions made up by out of this world savage riffery, distorded antihuman vocals and blasting drums. Leviathan creates with these instruments a sonic and horrific landscape inhabited by weird breaks, scattered ambient pieces and sounds, mindboggling riffs and background leads. Sure this is black metal, but in what fucking way do I compare this to? Impossible I say, cause Wrest takes any similarities by the throath, burns them down and creates from the ashes this new wonderfully dark, hypnotic and mindfucking piece of art. Can one man’s mad thoughts and reflections be so well crafted into music? Believe it. I hardly can’t wait to hear the new one “Tentacles of Whorror” and Leviathan’s split with Xasthur’s Malefic, a similar mind in that both are masters of creating utter musical horror and despair.

Someone said, the future of black metal is made in sunshine state California. And with bands like Xasthur, Crebain and Draugar walking the sortlike path as Leviathan I cannot disagree. Hurry a bit to get this digi, it’s limited to 666 pieces…(JeffreyVDK)


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