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Goatkraft / Goathammer – Cemetery Violence [Split]

goatkraft / goathammer – cemetery violence [split]

Two Black/Death bands who have released a full-length recently by Iron Bonehead Productions and Hells Headbangers, joined together at a cemetery to desecrate a grave or two, to play the traditional mortician game “who has the longest spine?” and which is the epicentre for necrophilia…Bergen, Norway or Saskatoon, Canada.

Goatkraft are clear about their intentions which is 100% war and violence, where the old Beherit recordings have been played more than once in their rehearsal room. On “Burial Prophet” you will also hear guest vocals of the main man behind Iron Bonehead as well.

Goathammer beholds more evil atmosphere than pure barbarity, which shifts the balance to more Black Metal than pure 100% Bestial Metal, yet connections with acts like Archgoat and Black Witchery are there still. Both acts are giving their best on their sides, so when your eyes catch this split, certainly consider it to buy it or at least give it a good listen.

Goatkraft and Goathammer…coming to a cemetery near you. (Ricardo)