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Hellfire Deathcult – Black Death Terroristic Onslaught

hellfire deathcult – black death terroristic onslaught

While metal underground is filled with mouthful band names, this Chicago based band describes their sound very straightforward, as in ‘the name says it all’. Some of you might be familiar with the works of Ov Plagues, Black Devotion and Oblivion Worship where the members (hiding under  very specific names) also perform.

Last years “Black Death Terroristic Onslaught” is not what you would call an album, it’s manifestation of the infernal abyss. Under a thick layer of hypnotic guitars and blast beats there are barely audible bestial death noises (there is no way to call these ‘vocals’) which make that specific cavernous sound. Simple structure, raw production, and absolutely no melody, leads or solos make things even darker and actually, more brutal.

This murky masterpiece will be perfect for the fans of Teitanblood, Adversarial and eary Impetuous Ritual, while the rest might just see it as incomprehensible noise. (Black Mary)