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Forbidden Temple – A Tempest Through the Graves [EP]

forbidden temple – a tempest through the graves [ep]

This new two track 7 inch EP from Belgian underground occults Forbidden Temple is yet another progress of their abysmal dungeon/torture chamber ritualistic satanic ceremonial devilish sound with a better studio production.

Title track “A Tempest Through the Graves” and the faster paced “Coldest Midnight Yearning” create a craving for more of this amazing band! The style of this band? Mix some occult Beherit ( “Drawing down…” album ) with a pinch of Moenen Of Xezbeth, old Samael, Necromantia and execute the result in a perfected, yet raw and primitive cavernous Black Metal sound. Keyboards added for extra atmosphere, insane vocals and a corrosive guitar sound. Still not convinced? Check ‘em out on YouTube. And feel the darkness overtaking your soul.

A very worthy new release that can added to their rusty crown. Let’s hope they can keep up this extraordinary style of totally putrid and ROTTEN Black Metal. Maximum score for this 7 inch EP! (LV)