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Drudkh / Hades Almighty – One Who Talks with the Fog / Pyre Era, Black! [Split]

drudkh / hades almighty – one who talks with the fog / pyre era, black! [split]

Aaaaaah! New material from one of my favorite active Black Metal bands; Drudkh. It’s no secret I have a huge soft spot for their Atmospheric Black Metal and the Slavonic scene in general. Be it Hate Forest, Walknut, Kroda, Nokurtnal Mortum, Astrofaes or the BlazeBirth Hall bands, just to name a few, their Black Metal has something that is appealing to me. Although I’m aware they are all different. The two songs on this split with Hades Almighty, are just 100% Drudkh. It’s so recognizable yet always interesting. Long epic and a tad hypnotic hymns, lots of diversity within a track yet always a main riff and melody that keeps coming back and are the foundation of a Drudkh-composition. A track like “Golden Horse” could easily be one of the tracks on “Eternal Turn of the Wheel” or “A Furrow Cut Short”. So high quality and without doubt “pushing repeat” material according to my judgement! Hades Almighty’s part of this split was already released as an EP. Sure, they aren’t playing the Pagan/Viking kind of Black Metal like they did on “Dawn of the Dying Sun” or “…Again Shall Be” (my personal favorites of this band), but the comeback tracks are well received. With new vocalist Ask Ty the approach is towards a more progressive and clean sound although with closing track “Bound” you hear some of the old Hades Almigthy with the bass rhythms. Also, due the clean vocals it also gives a Primordial vibe as well. Hades Almighty is back after 14 years with some good dark progressive well produced Black Metal, which results in a split that’s definitely worth your money. (Ricardo)