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Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaw’s Stand

nocturnal graves – an outlaw’s stand


Australian Black/Thrashing Death maniacs Nocturnal Graves are back on the attack, and I could not be any happier. Once again, these rabid maniacs return for their fourth full length release to mercilessly assault your eardrums. After an intro as part of the first track lasting for almost 90 seconds, the music kicks into high gear and never really lets you stop until the bitter end. The album is comprised of eight scorching tracks that never last longer than five minutes. At times, the album seems way too short, but then again, this release is packed with absolute frantic madness.

All of these tracks are worth hearing, although the tracks which truly stand out (it was difficult to choose at times) was the first initial song which I might never stop raving about, as it really succeeds in setting the stage for the onslaught in your stereo. Another stand out track was “Law of the blade.” The title really says everything you need to know. For those readers not familiar with the band, basically if Sodom in their early days made a baby with Destroyer 666 in their “Cold Steel…for an Iron Age” and “Wildfire” days, said baby would come out of that festering womb sounding like this madness…a madness you’ll never want to leave your fucking skull.

I am still a fan of their second full length album, “…From the Bloodline of Cain” and had the pleasure of seeing the Australian maniacs perform at Maryland Death Fest in 2016. I was appreciative of what they laid down, but it just was not enough. I wanted more. They followed up with a great third album where, despite the many moments of intense speed, I still wanted more. This album highlights once again how fast they can play and was much more in the vein of their second album than “Titan.” After hearing this album more than several times, I still am ravenous for more. My only real complaint is the end seemed to arrive too abruptly. The last song just ended, in a very similar way to Immortals songs from “Battles in the North” and “Blizzard Beasts.” After the fantastic opening song, “Death to Pigs,” I was hoping for something a bit more grand to close this album out. With that being said, this album did not disappoint.

This album is highly recommended for those looking for a dose of top notch speed. The sound quality falls in line with their other great works. The sound is dirty and mean, yet crisp, which allows for those rare moments with solos to really become etched into your soul. If you require your music to clock in at a rapid gunfire pace, this release is definitely for you. Even when the pacing of the guitars slows down for just a bit, the drummer is still gifting your ears a glorious assault. Definitely recommended.  (Old Man Stares)