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Sulphuric Night – Black Metal Tyranny [EP]

sulphuric night – black metal tyranny [ep]


Evil is stirring in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A Black Metal community called the Black Plague Circle has been surfacing over the last few years, releasing quality Black Metal through labels like Altare Productions and Black Gangrene Productions. Sulphuric Night is one of the most prolific bands of the circle, that further consists of the acts Arjen, Cave Ritual, Deathcircle, Master’s Voice, Nigrum Ignis Circuli, Night’s Majesty, Niteris, Obskuritatem, Suša, Void Prayer and Vrač. Although the demos already caught interest, Sulphuric Night impressed with the 2019 debut full-length ‘Forever Cursed’, which was followed by splits with Candelabrum and Borda’s Rope. In 2023, Black Gangrene Productions released the latest work in their discography, the 7” EP entitled ‘Black Metal Tyranny’.

Sole band member O. has written and recorded two songs for this EP totaling up to ten and a half minutes of material. Musically speaking, the songs are a clear continuation from the material on the split with Borda’s Rope. That means Black Metal in the lines of Finland’s Sargeist at the time of their ‘Let the Devil In’ album, but influences spread out to other scenes such as the German and French as well. While the sound is a slight departure from the rawer and more minimal approach on ‘Forever Cursed’, it hasn’t come at the cost of the band’s identity, or quality, at all.

The melancholic melodies portrayed by a raw but far from Lo-Fi guitar sound are catchy and the drum tempo is relentless, while the bass provides a beastly pulse and the hoarse vocals preach the Black Metal gospel. On Side A we find ‘Black Metal Tyranny’, a song whose riffs instantly click and measures itself against the best work of Sulphuric Night. ‘As Death Inhales All (Black Winds of Suffering)’ on Side B is very much in line with the other track, although it adds a bit more contrarian riffing as well as a break that leans more on ancient Gorgoroth and Dødheimsgard. As far as performance goes, O. has certainly outdone himself especially vocal wise and both tracks can measure themselves against the best bands playing this melody infused raw melancholic Black Metal.

Together with the other members of the Black Plague Circle, Sulphuric Night is putting True Bosnian Black Metal on the map. With two tracks that harbour all the essence of underground Black Metal, the band once again shows themselves a force to be reckoned with. Do not sleep on this 7” EP, or any material of Sulphuric Night for that matter.

Sulphuric Night

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