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Ruin [USA] – Into Endless Chasms [EP]

ruin [usa] – into endless chasms [ep]

Some bands at VM-Underground can’t do no wrong. It doesn’t matter which genre enthusiast reviews it, he or she is writing something positive about it. Ruin is one of the bands with their filthy blood drizzling Death Metal. It is possible, if you are a vinyl collector, that 2 of the 4 tracks (“Crushing Insects” and “Deep Wounds”) sounds familiar, as 2 songs of this EP can be heard on the split with VHS.

The Ruin Death Metal Cult does what is does best, creating some vicious and decaying Death Metal with grotesque and massive sound. If you ever wondered how Mortician would sound with a human drummer and more audible yet slime oozing vocals, you should give Ruin a try. But if you are a fan of Rippikoulu, Undergang and Autopsy..you will be in for a treat as well. Be prepared to be slaughtered! (Ricardo)