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Flešš – Volume I [Demo / Re-Release]

flešš – volume i [demo / re-release]


If you ever needed proof as to the popularity within certain circles of uber-lo-fi Raw Black Metal, just take a quick look at the amount of re-releases ‘Volume I’ by Flešš has had. A one man project brought to you by a man fittingly calling himself One Entity, the Flešš sound at times has more in common with Drone Doom as the sheer reverb and fuzz created would rival Sunn O))). (Have a listen to second track ‘Orgy of Vampyres’ if you don’t believe me) Onwards to the Black Metal though and Flešš have a simple style involving a barrage of hammering drum beats, straight forward vociferous riffs and a vocal style dripping with anguish and malice in equal measures and delivered from a wheelie-bin out back. Needless to say the production quality is challenging to us mere mortals but the Raw BM faithful will be salivating over the lack of any bass, plus the outright vitriolic outpouring of this demo is something we can probably all appreciate. This kind of Raw Black Metal will never be something that I actively choose to listen to (Aside from for reviewing purposes) and yet Flešš has a certain charm to it and I admire the sheer spite and maniacal buzz-saw nature of the guitar work. (Luke Hayhurst)